ESOF2012 and Me

Euroscience Open Forum 2012

Euroscience Open Forum 2012

Today is the start of the five day Euroscience Open Fourm, which is being held in the Convention Centre in Dublin. ESOF is a Europe wide general science meeting held every two years in some European city. It aims to showcase advances in science and technology, create debate on what role science plays in society and it aims to provoke public interest in science.

This will be my first time attending ESOF, but there is a wealth of activities, from seminars and debates, to Science-2-Business and “Porridge with the Prof“, to keep me busy.

Throughout the event I shall be tweeting about it on my account @plavin1922 using #esof2012. Also at the end of each day I shall be writing a blog post on this very site about what I got up to and what I heard.

Today is a light enough day. Delegate registration starts at 1100hrs, with the “Fáilte Reception” taking place at 1600hrs. Afterwards is the Opening Ceremony, followed by a keynote address at 1800hrs. The keynote address “From insects to mammals: reflections on a European journey through basic research on immune defenses” is being delivered by Jules Hoffmann, who in 2011 shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the “…discoveries concerning the activation of innate immunity.” Should be interesting.

I shall report back tonight about the first day!


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