Teaching Training Quick Update I

Thought it was time for a quick update regarding my path to teacher training.

Finding a School, or not…

So I have a list of 207 post primary schools in Dublin which I am contacting to find a placement for my first year teaching placement. Alas, so far, the news isn’t good. As it stands there are 47 schools which either I can not contact (no one picking up the phone) or are reviewing my CV. The rest have all their placements filled. So outlook is a bit grim, but no one said it was going to be easy!

Paper work!

As you can imagine, lots of paper work involved. Apart from my Teaching Council application, all of the paper work I can fill out is done and sent off. This includes Garda vetting and subject declaration form for UCD. When you apply for the PME via PAC.ie you include a Teaching Council Subject Declaration form, this includes all the modules you did for your degree to ensure that you are qualified to teach the subject you said you can! The UCD on declaration form is to allow the School of Education to assign you to lectures and a supervisor.


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