Teaching Training Update II – End of the road

Well that was a short road. The schools are back and a handful of rejection emails means that as it stands only 20% of schools in the Dublin area haven’t rejected my application. What’s more the School of Education will not accept me as a dual student of both the School of Education and the School of Biomedical and Biomolecular Science, which I would require if I am to submit my PhD thesis. So thus ends my road towards becoming a secondary school teacher. For now at least.

My Leaving Cert Moment

Last week saw just over 52,000 students receive their first round CAO offers. Eight years ago I got my own first round offer, science in UCD. But it wasn’t my first choice, nor was it my second. It was my fifth. The first four? All law courses. I was interested in doing law and becoming some form of law professional, but I also wanted to become a scientist. I was one of those rare students, at least in my school, which would have been happy with any of the ten courses on my CAO application. This is my new “Leaving Cert” moment. While I may not have gotten teacher training, I have applied jobs which I am just as equally excited about. I may not have gotten my number one choice eight years ago, but I was still happy with what I got. The same applies now. Onwards to the next great adventure!


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