Well hello there! Paul Lavin here. So you stumbled onto my blog and decided to you want to know more about me. Well, I am a final year PhD researcher at UCD, and this blog is home to some of my thoughts on science and life in general. What’s more, I shall be trying to document my slight career shift from PhD student to science teacher!

My Research

My research, funded by SFI, is based around Cylophilin A (CypA), a member of the Peptidyl-prolyl isomerase (PPIase) family which plays an important role in cytokinesis and is up-regulated in many cancers. Not much is know about CypA’s role during cytokinesis, so my project is based around trying to uncover more about its role during cytokinesis.

If you are not a science type, you might be asking yourself, So what the hell does all that mean?! ” Besides a whole lot of work, it means that I am looking at a protein (CypA), which acts like a switch for other proteins, changing their function (PPIase). It plays a role when cells divide (cytokinesis) and in cancer cells we find higher levels of CypA than normal (up-regulated).

My Teacher Training

Around February 2014 I started to think about the next steps after my PhD and, come October 2014 I applied to Postgraduate Application Centre (PAC) for a two year Professional Masters in Education in UCD more commonly known as the H.Dip or simply The Dip. And thus started my road in becoming a science teacher!