Below are links to items which I frequent that might interest you.

YouTube Channels


CGP Grey

Grey produces incredibly well researched videos about a number of topics, most notably, the United Kingdom, history and science.  I highly recommend his videos!

Crash Course

Run by the Vlog Brothers, whom I talk about below, this channel aims to teach segments on World History, and Biology in ten minute long videos.  Want to brush up on your History or Biology, be sure to watch some of their videos.

Engineer Guy Video

Bill Hammack aka “The Engineer Guy” explains some of the engineering behind everyday items in a very approachable manner.  If you are like me and like to know how things work, this is some recommended viewing!

Minute Physics

Does what it says really.  Henry Reich explains the basic and, often, not so basic concepts found in physics.  He explains lasers, Schrödinger’s Cat, and more in simple easy to understand language.  A fantastic science communicator.


Videoed by Brady Haran, mathematicians explains the interesting side of numbers, from Happy Numbers to why 666 is considered the number of the beast.


NurdRage is a channel dedicated to “..demonstrate science experiments for all levels, from kitchen chemistry to advanced synthesis.”  If you want to make iron bleed, or just fancy some flowers that glow in the dark, this would be the channel for you.

Periodic Table of Videos

This is one of my favourite channels on YouTube.  Filmed by Brady Haran with the Chemistry Department of University of Nottngham, the channel hosts a wide selection of videos on the elements and on molecules.


Run by Hank Green, of Crash Course and the VlogBrothers, this channel covers Hank’s interest in all things science, with a bit of emphasis on space.

Sixty Symbols

The physicists answer to Periodic Table of Videos!  Also filmed by  Brady Haran, the channel hosts videos which explains some of the concepts key of physics.

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