My Path to Becoming a Science Teacher – Preamble

One January night in 2014 as I was cycling home down the N11, a thought struck me. “In about a year and a half, I will be finished (hopefully) my PhD and will be looking for a job. But what job?” By the time I was home, secondary level teaching was on my mind.

This wasn’t the first time teaching crossed my mind. When I started my undergraduate degree in 2007 in UCD, it was my plan to do the H.Dip (aka teacher training) after I graduated but after my first year undergraduate I thought, lets take this further, which is when I decided to do a PhD. Three years later, and with BSc after my name I started my PhD in the Mc Gee Lab, in UCD. I had a plan, the same plan as many fresh faced PhDs. Become doctor, do post doc, write papers, become lecturer, be a scientist. I wanted to become a lecturer, a professor, an academic, working at the very edge of human knowledge and pushing it by creating new information.

But for reasons I will talk about in another post, it was not meant to be however. As much as I love lab work, a career in academia as it stands, is wholly unsuitable for me. So naturally I looked towards my original plan, teaching in a secondary school.

Over the next few years, I will be detailing my journey which will see me finish my life as a scientific researcher and start on the path towards becoming a science teacher in Ireland.